Remember when you were a kid, your smile was still new and pristine, and dental care seemed easy? Why not harken back to those days by thinking of your oral health just a bit along those more youthful lines? Not entirely sure what we are getting at but it sounds like fun? Sometimes a new approach is all you need to infuse your daily and long-term care with a burst of vitality!

Join The Cavity Free Club (Again)

Are you sad to say that you have had cavities in your lifetime, so you can no longer join this club that you may have been a member of as a child? We give you permission to get your oral health in order and to re-join. Let’s call it the “No More Cavities Club.” By focusing on your dental care, you can keep teeth safe, so decay is no longer a part of your future.

Enjoy Your Bubble Gum

Make note: If it’s sugarless, it’s a benefit to your smile. Sugarless gum can help cut down on plaque buildup and on food leftover from snacks. As you chew it, it also causes saliva to flow, which further protects your smile! Enjoy.

Reward Yourself With A Sticker!

Well. You might not get too excited about stickers anymore. However, practicing your dental care on a rewards system may give you the incentive you need to keep with it. You can come up with anything under the sun that will give you the motivation to keep up with your dental hygiene and with seeing our team for cleanings and checkups. An example: You go out for a fancy dinner after every six months of effective care at home and every preventive visit with us. Short- or long-term rewards are wonderful! Choose an option that works for you.

Make Smile Care Easy Again With Our Help

Come see our team for a checkup, so we can help you get on track with your dental care. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.