If you choose to indulge with reckless abandon on Valentine’s Day, you make wake up the following morning with a bit of guilt! After all, if you’re participating in an all-day sugar marathon, you’re doing quite a disservice to your oral health. Why not consider some ways you can still absolutely enjoy yourself without practically begging for a cavity? Don’t worry. Your Valentine’s Day can still be just as sweet and enjoyable as planned.


Love sweet things but you do your best to avoid sugar, even on Valentine’s Day? Be kind to your sweet tooth and your oral health by seeking out treats with xylitol, a natural sweetener that’s actually beneficial for your smile. You’ll find it in sugarless gum, sodas, and some candies.


It’s true that fruit has its own natural sugars, which the bacteria in your mouth will feed on. As a result, fruit can contribute to decay, as well! Highly acidic fruits can also contribute to acid erosion. So, why eat fruit on Valentine’s Day instead of candy? Well, because it’s a whole food that’s packed full of nutrients, some of which are beneficial for your oral health. Choose fruits like apples or strawberries that aren’t sticky and starchy and they won’t coat your teeth. You’ll get all the sweetness you want without quite so much potential harm (and you’ll know you’re giving your body essential vitamins in the meantime).

Candy And A Hygiene Plan

Can’t resist those candies your sweetheart gave you? If you’re going to indulge, just remember to have a plan to clean your smile afterwards. Eat the candy. Rinse your mouth with water. Wait 30 minutes. Brush your smile. Easy!

Ask Us For Tips To Protect Your Smile

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