Month: March 2018

Smile Care: 3 Things That Shouldn’t Hurt  

When you’re caring for your smile, experiencing pain isn’t normal. It doesn’t mean you’re doing a good job with your dental hygiene. It’s not a sign that you’re getting the job done and that the pain is letting you know you’ve really cleaned your teeth and gums. Instead, it’s a warning sign that something isn’t… Read more »

3 Ways We Are Happy To Help During Checkups

When you’re visiting with us for a dental checkup, you may feel like it’s just a time for you to sit back, receive your checkup, enjoy the fact that your cleaning will leave your smile refreshed, and that’s it. However, what you may be overlooking is the fact that we are happy to help in… Read more »

Let’s Run Through Proper Brushing!

You might think that you’ve been brushing correctly for the entirety of your life. While you may be absolutely right (and a consistently healthy smile is generally a testament to that fact), it’s also possible you’re missing a thing or two! Since our goal is always to keep your oral health safe, while guiding you… Read more »

Cosmetic Care: How To Go About Getting Started

Getting yourself started with cosmetic care means many things! You may have already realized this if you’ve considered beginning the journey toward smile esthetic improvements for yourself but you’ve had a somewhat difficult time figuring out how to kick off the whole experience. We can happily offer you some easy and beneficial guidance, so your… Read more »