When you’re caring for your smile, experiencing pain isn’t normal. It doesn’t mean you’re doing a good job with your dental hygiene. It’s not a sign that you’re getting the job done and that the pain is letting you know you’ve really cleaned your teeth and gums. Instead, it’s a warning sign that something isn’t quite right. You may be dealing with an issue that requires a treatment from our team. Or, it may be time to make some changes to your smile care approach. Let’s talk about a few frequent areas of concern.

#1: Dental Hygiene Shouldn’t Hurt

Under absolutely no circumstances should your brushing or flossing hurt. Dental hygiene should feel “neutral” meaning not necessarily good but not bad. You should comfortably be able to maintain this aspect of your smile care without any unpleasant sensations. If you’re experiencing them when you brush and/or floss, it’s time to see us for a visit to let us know.

#2: Your Gums Shouldn’t Feel Tender

Tender gums usually point to a concern like gum disease. Schedule a visit if you notice this type of discomfort, so we can set you on a path that includes comfortable, healthy gum tissue.

#3: Long-Term Tooth Sensitivity Might Be A Problem

Remember that some patients suffer from sensitivity that doesn’t speak to an underlying condition or problem but something that we can help control, often with dental hygiene changes (like new toothpaste). Other patients experience sensitivity as a sign of something like bruxism, decay, infection, etc. Since you cannot determine this fact on your own, we recommend that you visit us for a checkup. During this time, we can check in to find out what’s going on. We will either talk with you about ways to minimize sensitivity or we will suggest a treatment, depending on your needs!

Protect Your Smile With Gentle Care

Learn all about how to provide yourself with gentle care and how to avoid discomfort, so your smile is healthy and comfortable. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.