Month: April 2018

Good Idea: Get Your Bathroom Ready For Dental Care

Have you noticed that your dental care at home isn’t always a smooth experience? If you haven’t taken time to review the reasons this may be going on and then do something about it, you may actually become more and more frustrated with dental hygiene but not because there’s anything annoying about your brushing or… Read more »

Bedtime: Make Good Choices For Your Smile

When it’s bedtime, you know that you should be brushing and possibly flossing, if you have not already taken care of your dental hygiene for the evening. While this is knowledge you carry with you, that doesn’t exactly mean you’re following through on the suggested nightly routine before you get cozy and ready to go… Read more »

You Need Checkups For Lots Of Reasons!

You may think that the only reason you need a dental checkup every six months is because we would like to catch cavities in their infancy. This is, of course, one of the many reasons you so frequently hear us reminding you to set up your next visit for an exam and cleaning. Why else… Read more »

Dental Hygiene Tips Absolutely Everyone Can Use!

If you feel like your dental hygiene could use a little help but you also feel like you’re doing all of the things you’re supposed to do, it can certainly leave you feeling somewhat confused. If you’re already brushing (and you do it two times every day) and you floss every day, too, what more… Read more »