Month: May 2018

Sealants: 3 Things That Make Them Even More Fantastic

You are likely already aware that the reason we so strongly suggest dental sealants for your children is the fact that they’re very powerful. They fight the good fight against bad bacteria that can lead to cavities simply by acting as a barrier between dental tissue and plaque, food particles, etc. While this primary benefit… Read more »

Remember: Kids’ Dental Care Basics

Yes, you and your adult smile most certainly need our help, so you may continue to enjoy smile that’s in good health. Don’t forget, however, that if you’ve got kids, they need children’s dental care, in order for their smiles to grow strong, beautiful, and to remain in wonderful shape for many years! Take just… Read more »

How To Begin When You’re Ready For Teeth Whitening

Yes! You hop onto our website, you see that we offer teeth whitening, and your day is made. You know that you can transform your current smile that’s not-so-vibrant into a glowing, beautiful, snowy feature you’ve wished you could call your own for a very long time. Then, it hits you: You know that you… Read more »

Should You Use An Electric Toothbrush?

One of the questions we hear very often is, “Should I use an electric toothbrush?” If you’ve been wondering about this lately, you may find that you feel at a loss of sufficient information to make an informed decision. You see lots of these brushes and you know people who use them, so they seem… Read more »

Bleeding Gums: Important Things To Note

Do you notice that when you brush your teeth, you have bleeding gums? If so, you may find that you feel very alarmed, you’re not quite sure what to do, and you sure wish you knew why it was happening. This is actually a very common symptom of a problem with your gum health. Learn… Read more »