One of the questions we hear very often is, “Should I use an electric toothbrush?” If you’ve been wondering about this lately, you may find that you feel at a loss of sufficient information to make an informed decision. You see lots of these brushes and you know people who use them, so they seem like a wise decision. However, you may wonder if they’re for you, if they’re actually just a lot of hype but not much substance, etc. Fortunately, we can help you wade through this bit of confusion and quickly determine whether trying this dental hygiene product is a good choice for you!

If You Want To

If you want to try an electric toothbrush, then that’s good enough reason to pick one up, bring it home, and see if it’s an addition to your dental hygiene collection that you like.

If You’re A Too-Hard Brusher

If you brush hard, you’ve probably already heard from us as we tell you that only gentle brushing will protect your oral health. Excessive pressure will cause gum recession and can harm your enamel. Electric toothbrushes make it easy to follow our suggestions because you just aim and guide (it makes it easy to avoid the urge to press).

If Your Hands, Arms, Etc. Hurt

Painful hands, arm limitations, and more can make managing a manual toothbrush during dental hygiene a serious challenge. Try out an electric toothbrush when this is an issue present in your life for a less strenuous method.

If You Want More Cleansing Power

Feel like your teeth could be cleaner? Give the electric brush a try. It might be what you’re missing.

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