Yes! You hop onto our website, you see that we offer teeth whitening, and your day is made. You know that you can transform your current smile that’s not-so-vibrant into a glowing, beautiful, snowy feature you’ve wished you could call your own for a very long time. Then, it hits you: You know that you want whitening but you’re not sure what it takes to make this happen. Fortunately, the steps are easy enough.

First, Call Us

First things first, call our team. Let us know that you are interested in teeth whitening. We will schedule a consultation for you! Why can’t you just set up a visit for whitening, come in, receive it, and head home? Well, because your smile may not be ready yet or you may be a better candidate for some other way of brightening your smile. It’s important that we figure all of this out first before guiding you toward your whiter grin.

Keep Your Mind Wide Open

During your consultation with us, we are going to see how your smile is doing. We’re also going to find out what you’re hoping for in regard to your smile. While you know you want whiter teeth, is that all you want? Or, do you have additional cosmetic goals? These are important details because of the following:

  • If you just want a whiter smile, then teeth whitening is a wonderful treatment selection for you
  • If you want whiter teeth but you also want to address other issues like spacing, length problems, concerns with texture, and more, it may be best to consider additional options like veneers that can cover all bases of improvement
  • If you have one little tiny stain, you may more easily be able to address that one spot with bonding

Set Up Your Whitening Consultation Today

See us for your consultation, so we can assist you in fast tracking your pathway toward a whiter smile. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.