Yes, you and your adult smile most certainly need our help, so you may continue to enjoy smile that’s in good health. Don’t forget, however, that if you’ve got kids, they need children’s dental care, in order for their smiles to grow strong, beautiful, and to remain in wonderful shape for many years! Take just a few minutes to become more familiar with what your kiddos need, so you’re providing them with the dental services essential for smiles that thrive!

They Need Brushing And Flossing, Too!

One your child has a tooth, it’s time to start brushing. Once your child has two teeth that are next to one another, it’s time to start flossing. Then, brushing and flossing need to remain a steadfast part of your child’s dental care at home for life! You’ll provide this action for them until they’re able to take over and learn how to keep up with this habit on their own. Bringing this into the fold early means healthy smiles and habits that will likely remain in place forever!

They Need Our Care

Just like your own smile requires consistent care with our team in addition to dental care at home, your kiddos need the same thing (only we offer care that’s tailored to the needs and expectations for your little ones, so they enjoy visits that are relaxing and fun). Don’t forget:

  • Your child needs to see our team for a dental checkup and a cleaning every six months. This should begin once your child is about one year of age or when your child receives that very first tooth.
  • If we offer any diagnoses and treatment plans, following through early is best in order to keep oral health safe.

See Us For Children’s Dental Care Soon!

Call us to set up your child’s next dental visit for a cleaning and checkup to ensure you’re right on track! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.