Month: June 2018

Addressing Bruxism Will Protect Your Smile

Do you find yourself clenching your jaw in moments of anger or stress? This is a familiar physical response to these feelings, and when it is done infrequently, you may not have much to worry about when it comes to the health of your smile. However, there are people who habitually grind their teeth –… Read more »

Kids’ Cavities: What Can I Do?

You can control your own dental care with such great ease that you know whether you’re headed toward tooth decay or if you’re doing everything that you can to prevent it. However, when you’re trying to manage every last detail of your child’s dental care, it can start to feel somewhat overwhelming. You don’t want… Read more »

Your Family’s Toothpaste: Good Choices

When you’re out and about picking up groceries and toiletries, do you know what type of toothpaste to select for your family’s dental care? Or, do you hope that just any tube you choose will work and go from there? Since there are oh so many brands, features, and other choices out there, we think… Read more »

How To Keep Your Whitened Smile Glowing!

Once you learn that you have access to teeth whitening, it’s one of the most exciting moments ever! Then, you come in, you receive the cosmetic treatment, and you head home with a truly stunning grin. Then, however, you start to worry: What happens if the stains come back? Is there a way to keep… Read more »