Once you learn that you have access to teeth whitening, it’s one of the most exciting moments ever! Then, you come in, you receive the cosmetic treatment, and you head home with a truly stunning grin. Then, however, you start to worry: What happens if the stains come back? Is there a way to keep them away, so my lovely smile stays like this forever? Fortunately, stain prevention is quite simple. Let’s walk you through the easy-to-accomplish steps.

Brush Your Smile

Foods and plaque that sit on your teeth encourage stains. When you keep your teeth clean, you remove their ability to stain your dental tissue. You won’t be surprised, then, to learn that brushing is key after teeth whitening as you do your best to keep those teeth bright!

Floss Your Smile

Yep, you’ll want to floss, too. Nobody wants white teeth with stains between teeth or darkening at the gumline (nobody wants gingivitis, either!). Floss to protect the beautiful smile you attain after teeth whitening.

Get Your Smile Cleaned

Receiving professional cleanings is something you will still have to do and always have to do. It’s to benefit your oral health and the removal of plaque and tartar will help preserve the results of your teeth whitening, too.

Don’t Forget: Stains Can Still Happen!

You can still end up with discoloration, so remember that if you have a habit of eating or drinking stain-promoting products, be careful. Either start cutting back or become quite serious about following them with a swish or two of water (and maybe even a brushing session).

Keep Your Smile White By Accessing Our Care

See our team when you have questions, when you need whitening, and more, so you may feel good about your smile today and every day! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.