There’s a lot more that comes with back to school time than meets the eye. In addition to back-to-school outfits, books and supplies, book bags, and more, there’s something we happen to think is pretty important: Your family’s oral health in Silver City, NM! If you’ve been taking it easy this summer and have not yet come in for care in the form of cleanings and checkups or any other treatments you know (or feel pretty certain) you need, charging ahead throughout the remaining vacation days with family dental care is the way to go! Take our suggestions to heart for an easy go of it.

For The College Kids

Do you have college kids about to head back to school (or off to their first year at a university)? If so, then they need some back to school goodness for their oral health just as much as littler kiddos. Here’s what we like to remind you:

  • If your kids need wisdom teeth removal but it hasn’t happened yet, talk it over with us ASAP. That way, you can have a plan to ensure you’re protecting your adult children’s smiles.
  • Do you have a plan for your kids’ cleanings and checkups? Get one in now and schedule another around the holidays, so you’re never behind!
  • Send kids off with all of the advice and the products they need. Want some help? Just ask!

For The Grade School Kiddos

Now, for the little kiddos all the way up through the high schoolers: Let’s talk about what you might need to do for them, too. As with any individual on the planet, keeping up with prevention is important (just as important as restorations, too). So, make sure you’ve got the following all sorted out before these warm, fun-filled, schedule-easy days are gone:

  • Don’t forget that we need to see your kids twice every year for preventive visits. If it’s about time, why not get one in before summer vacation ends?
  • Remember that if we find issues that require restorations (maybe your child has tooth decay and needs a dental filling or a crown), immediate treatment is the best. Taking care of problems that can become uncomfortable or that can lead to broken teeth are especially important to address before summer is through, so your back-to-school darlings are ready for talking, learning, eating lunch, having fun, and not worrying about their smiles!

Bring Your Kids In For Healthy Back-To-School Smiles

Get your kids’ smiles healthy and on track before school begins again, so you can check this very important task off of your list! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.