Every time you turn around, you hear about how important it is for you to drink lots of water. It’s good for your body. It’s good for your skin. It’s important for just about everything! As you might have already figured out, it happens to be quite advantageous for your oral health, too! So, before you dismiss this as something people talk about a lot but as something you don’t really need to worry about, think about some of the ways getting your daily influx of H2O can really offer you some exceptional benefits for your teeth and gums (and the smiles of your whole family). You just might find yourself running to fill up a glass!

#1: It’s Hot Out There

It’s hot outside this summer and that means you need to make sure you’re getting enough water! What happens if you don’t? Well, your body, which is comprised mostly of water, will lose essential moisture. This is dangerous for every single bodily system, including your oral health! Too little water (dehydration) can make you sick, can lead to bad breath, can cause dry mouth, may make you more vulnerable to decay, and more. Drink up and stay hydrated!

#2: It’s Your “I Can’t Brush Right Now” Smile Cleaner

Every member of your family should drink more water now and during every season if you’re not all getting over 60 ounces daily. When you’re short on water, you’re missing out not only on protecting your oral health and overall health through maintaining moisture levels. You’re also ignoring the fact that water is very helpful in keeping your smile cleansed throughout the day (like after snacks or sugary beverages) when you don’t really have the time to go brush.

#3: It’s Preventing Acid-Related Smile Problems

About those beverages we mentioned: If they’re juice, coffee, alcohol, tea, or anything else that isn’t water or milk, they’re probably pretty acidic. You drink them and then your teeth just sit there, coated in them! Then there’s eating foods with sugars or carbs: This leads to acid formation when bacteria in your mouth eat those particles then release acids through their digestive process. In both scenarios, you can drink water after you eat or drink (and just throughout the day when you’re thirsty) to help bring your smile back to neutral.

Protect Your Smile With Our Simple Tips

Keep your smile and your family’s smiles healthy, clean, and safe from harm when you consider our tips that we are happy to offer during visits. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.