Month: August 2018

Baby Teeth: 3 Things Parents Sometimes Don’t Realize

When you think about your child’s baby teeth, there may be some things that you don’t quite realize about them. You know that they look extremely cute. You know that they will soon be falling out and you’ll get to play “tooth fairy.” However, you may not make the connection between this first set of… Read more »

Your Smile: How To Fix Your Dental Hygiene Problems

What’s going on with your dental hygiene these days? Are you completely on track and you’ve never felt better about your efforts in flossing and brushing? Or, do you feel that the road has become a bit bumpy and you’re not certain about how to fix the little obstacles that are getting in your way?… Read more »

Why You’re Embarrassed To Schedule Care (And What To Do Next)

Are you feeling far too embarrassed to schedule a dental visit with us? We know that there are different reasons patients find themselves feeling too hesitant to come in but when it comes to embarrassment, it usually has something to do with worry or guilt. To these emotions, we say: Check them at the door… Read more »

Lighten Up: 3 Ways Toward A Pretty, Stress-Free Grin

When you think about the beautiful grin you want to have, what comes to mind? If you envision a white smile that sparkles and that’s filled with healthy teeth free of cracks, chips, and more, then we have to agree with you: That’s a lovely sight to behold! Now, as far as what it takes… Read more »

Back To School: Mom And Dad Edition!

Yep. We know. You already have so much to do for your kids that the idea of adding yourself into the mix can feel a little stressful. Don’t worry! We’re only suggesting you take a moment away from your already super-packed schedule to think about your oral health and smile appearance because, later on, when you’re… Read more »