Yep. We know. You already have so much to do for your kids that the idea of adding yourself into the mix can feel a little stressful. Don’t worry! We’re only suggesting you take a moment away from your already super-packed schedule to think about your oral health and smile appearance because, later on, when you’re in the middle of the school-related activities, you’ll be extremely happy that you did. So, what might you need in order to feel prepared for ushering your kids back to the classroom? Our Silver City, NM team has some essential (and inspiring) thoughts for you to consider!

Address Your Discoloration Today!

Are your teeth discolored? Do you often attend PTA meetings, class parties, field trips, or otherwise feeling embarrassed by your smile? Worried some adorable little kid is going to ask you why your teeth look so yellow? We can help you get this all taken care of before school begins, so you’re heading to your child’s school with a brilliant white grin! Talk with us about whether teeth whitening might work for you.

Fix Little Issues

Before we move on to addressing your oral health, we encourage you to also consider some additional cosmetic concerns that often upset you or give you pause. Does your chipped or pointed tooth cross your mind the second you realize it’s parent-teacher conference night? Fix little problems that cause you to cover your smile with your hand with cosmetic care like bonding and contouring!

Figure Out What Your Smile Needs

Of course, in addition to teeth whitening and other details that will help you feel wonderful about showing off a brilliant smile, you may want to talk with us about any other oral health need to ensure it’s nice and healthy, too. Are you suffering from bad breath or sensitivity? Is it simply time for your cleaning and checkup and you figure you should probably keep up with your preventive care, too, since you’re getting your child ready for back-to-school? Whatever you need to ensure the upcoming year is easy for the whole family, let us know! We look forward to seeing you and your crew before the school bell rings!

See Us Soon To Take Care Of Smile Needs

If you simply want to keep your smile on the straight and narrow or if there are things you’ve been meaning to do to beautify your grin, come on in! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.