What’s going on with your dental hygiene these days? Are you completely on track and you’ve never felt better about your efforts in flossing and brushing? Or, do you feel that the road has become a bit bumpy and you’re not certain about how to fix the little obstacles that are getting in your way? Successful care begins with feeling you know just what to do and goes from there. So, take a small amount of time from your day as our Silver City, NM team divulges some exceptionally helpful (and very easy) suggestions that will set you back on a smooth path toward achieving and maintaining your oral health.

Try New Products

One way to fix the problem you may be having with your dental hygiene is to try new products. We often find that the reason a patient is struggling is either because of products that are simply not working or those that are distasteful to our patient. Why use something that is ineffective or that tastes terrible, etc.? Consider the following:

  • Try out a new toothbrush if you worry the one you’re using isn’t amazing (and ensure it has ADA approval)
  • Try new toothpaste that is also accepted by the American Dental Association and be sure it’s something you like using
  • Use a variety of dental floss selections until you find one that tastes good and that offers a pleasing and effective texture

Let Us Offer You Surprisingly Helpful Advice

Come in for advice. You might think that you already know how to brush and floss your smile, so you feel like dental hygiene recommendations as an adult are not necessary. However, you might be shocked by how absolutely helpful a review can be for you. We can talk products, your technique, and other details that will make hygiene easy and fun for you.

Give Yourself Structured Time!

Of course, you want to practice your dental hygiene to avoid lots of problems that come with a not-so-clean mouth, such as tooth decay and infection. However, if you don’t schedule hygiene into your daily life, you may find that it’s an afterthought and you have trouble squeezing it in. Make it a priority instead, so you know when you’re going to brush and floss and so you have ample time.

Improve Your Dental Hygiene With Our Team’s Advice

Take our team’s advice to heart when you find that your dental hygiene isn’t as successful as you know it should be! We are happy to guide you. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.