Month: October 2018

Brushing-Related Discomfort (And What To Do)

If you find that you feel discomfort when you brush your teeth, this can really throw you for a loop! You know that you need to brush every day and you need to do it twice. You also know that the sensations that come with it should be neutral in nature, rather than including any… Read more »

Water And Its Variations: Your Oral Health Questions

When our Silver City, NM team talks with you about drinking water, you might shrug your shoulders and think, “Sure, yes, I know what water is, and I definitely need to drink enough of it!” However, you might not think beyond that thought. If you’re someone who sticks with liquid H2O, you don’t add anything… Read more »

Easing Your Thoughts About Root Canals

One of the treatments you may feel most uncomfortable about? The root canal treatment, of course! Our Silver City, NM team knows that when you even hear this term, it can make your palms clammy and you may feel like bolting out of our practice. However, we like to remind you that this is simply… Read more »

Your Child’s Wisdom Teeth: What Should I Do About Removal?

When your kids are very little, your goal is to keep their smiles healthy and to somehow get them to brush their teeth without being told. Then they get older and one day … they’re teenagers! You think you’re out of the woods when it comes to their dental care but then you remember: They’re… Read more »

Sensitive Tooth? Call Us Right Away For Smile Protection!

As you might already know, it is certainly possible for you to have a sensitive tooth because you knocked it on a coffee cup, because you’re extremely congested, or because your teeth just happen to be sensitive in nature! However, particularly when your teeth feel just peachy and then suddenly feel uncomfortable, the onset of… Read more »