As you might already know, it is certainly possible for you to have a sensitive tooth because you knocked it on a coffee cup, because you’re extremely congested, or because your teeth just happen to be sensitive in nature! However, particularly when your teeth feel just peachy and then suddenly feel uncomfortable, the onset of this symptom frequently points to a need for dental care because it’s telling you that something is wrong. As you may have already realized, our Silver City, NM team suggests that you come see us for a checkup just as soon as you can when you’re feeling the “zing” of sensitivity.

Your Tooth Could Be Infected (Which Requires Immediate Care)

When you notice that you have a sensitive tooth, it is something that requires immediate attention. Why is that? How do we know it’s not just a bit of irritation? We don’t! In most cases, neither do you. While it could go either way, remember that sensitivity can point to an underlying infection. The problem with ignoring an infection is that it won’t go away. Instead, it will get worse. This can become dangerous for your oral health if it abscesses, so you need to see us when sensitivity occurs.

It Could Be Some Other Issue (Also Requiring Care)

Your sensitive tooth could also point to some other issue, which will also require care (even though it won’t be quite as threatening). Still, when sensitivity is a sign of decay or even gum disease, these are issues that are also progressive in nature. Unfortunately, this means that you will be in bad shape if you procrastinate. See us soon for care, just in case you require treatment.

You May Be Causing It On Your Own!

Good news and bad news: The good news is that sensitive teeth might not necessarily mean something like decay or infection. The bad news is that even if you’re the one causing it, it’s still not good for your oral health. We remind you that if you’re brushing very hard, you’re using toothpaste that’s known as “abrasive,” or you’re going overboard with acidic or hard foods that can erode your teeth, it’s time to ease up. It will reduce sensitivity and protect your smile.

See Our Team ASAP If Sensitivity Aggravates Your Smile

Don’t ignore sensitivity, especially if it shows up out of the blue. Instead, protect your oral health by coming in to see us for a quick, helpful checkup. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.