One of the treatments you may feel most uncomfortable about? The root canal treatment, of course! Our Silver City, NM team knows that when you even hear this term, it can make your palms clammy and you may feel like bolting out of our practice. However, we like to remind you that this is simply the result of not knowing nearly enough about root canals! Did you know, for instance, that experiencing one is not much different from a filling? Let us ease your thoughts on the topic, so if you find yourself requiring one, you’ll see it’s really going to be perfectly A-OK!

You Think: They Must Hurt (But…)

You might assume that root canal treatments hurt because that’s what people have always told you. The truth is, they don’t. Just like when you receive a dental filling and we completely numb the area we’re treating, the same is true for root canals. The process is a little more complex and takes just a bit more time. However, as for the sensations you feel throughout your visit with us, it’s pretty much identical: You don’t really feel anything at all! Have questions about this topic? We will be more than happy to respond to them, so you feel completely confident!

You Think: An Extraction Is Probably Better (But…)

Actually, it is always better to save the tooth in your smile. Replacing a tooth with an implant and crown is possible as a near-replication of your tooth but it’s never the same. Save yourself the loss of a perfectly good tooth, money, and more by saving the rescuable one you’ve got!

You Think: It’s Going To Ruin Your Tooth (But…)

Actually, a root canal treatment saves your tooth! Remember, we are rescuing your tissue and saving your oral health, so you don’t have to have the tooth extracted. Allow our team to clarify how this restorative treatment helps your tooth. First, we remove the infection, as you know. Next, keep in mind that we are going to seal the entire tooth in addition to filling the opening. Then, if you do not have a significant amount of tissue left that can function as it used to as a full tooth, we will complete the process with a beautiful dental crown! In the end, you simply have a complete smile with your oral health returned. Your remaining tooth is protected in the long run from reinfection!

See Us When You Require A Root Canal

If you need a gentle, effective root canal treatment to save your tooth, see us soon! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.