If you find that you feel discomfort when you brush your teeth, this can really throw you for a loop! You know that you need to brush every day and you need to do it twice. You also know that the sensations that come with it should be neutral in nature, rather than including any type of pain or sensitivity. So, what to do when this necessary dental hygiene habit is something that’s causing you problems? Call us, come in for a dental checkup with our Silver City, NM team, and head home with answers, of course! For now, though, you may wish to begin with some helpful advice according to the type of discomfort affecting you.

You’re Experiencing Sensitivity

Teeth can become sensitive due to so many factors! You may be dealing with bruxism disorder and need treatment. You may be brushing far too hard, which can leave you with gum recession, partially exposed roots, and sensitivity. You may be experiencing gingivitis, which yields tender gums! We encourage you to come in for a dental checkup, so we can determine whether you require any type of dental treatment (such as help for your gums) or suggestions. For right now, go easier with the brushing, consider trying an electric toothbrush, and switch to a toothpaste for sensitivity.

It Hurts Your Hands Or Arms

If the brushing portion of your dental hygiene is causing some serious discomfort for your hands, fingers, wrists, or arms, we have an easy solution: In addition to letting us know that this is happening to you during your next visit, you should also immediately switch to an electric toothbrush. They do all of the back-and-forth motions for you. All you’ll be required to do is move the brush from one quadrant to another, over your teeth surfaces, so they become clean. This might be the change you need.

You’re Experiencing True Oral Pain

If you find that when you brush, you’re experiencing true pain in your mouth, then again, it is time to come in to talk with us about your dental hygiene. Pain may be an indicator of a problem like a sore, a cavity, gingivitis, or some other issue requiring professional care. We can fix it (but only if you schedule a visit).

Make Dental Hygiene Effective With Our Helpful Care

Call us when you experience problems with your dental hygiene, so we can help you resolve the problem and protect your smile! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.