Month: November 2018

Resolutions For The New Year! Hint: They’re Easy.

We know that you might have lots of ideas about resolutions for the New Year and you may not have gotten around to considering your dental care just yet. However, as we like to do everything that we can to help you build a wonderful foundation for excellent oral health, our Silver City, NM team… Read more »

Let’s Do A Little Pre-Holiday Hygiene Review

As you prepare to gather around a table to dig into whatever delightful meal you pull together in honor of Thanksgiving, there’s one very important detail on our Silver City, NM team’s minds: Are you sure you’re going to remember to include your smile care in this holiday and those that follow? Just to be… Read more »

Different Ways To Address Smile Concerns

You know that there’s more than one type of concern that can affect your smile. As a result, you may find that you aren’t quite sure how to tackle little changes that come up or what to do when you want to make a change that isn’t essential (such as when you wish you had… Read more »

Thanksgiving: 3 Easy Tips To Safeguard Your Smile!

You might figure that since Thanksgiving is so highly focused on the extraordinary food experience that takes place each year, you should probably not even try to worry about your oral health. After all, how can you manage balancing your smile protection with simply digging into the dinner you’re about to truly enjoy? The wonderful… Read more »