You might figure that since Thanksgiving is so highly focused on the extraordinary food experience that takes place each year, you should probably not even try to worry about your oral health. After all, how can you manage balancing your smile protection with simply digging into the dinner you’re about to truly enjoy? The wonderful news is that caring for your smile is actually very easy to do. Take our Silver City, NM team’s tips with you and you’ll discover that the care you really do need to practice is a cinch.

Tip #1: Traveling? Bring Smile Products With You!

Of course, you know that you should be bringing your toothbrush and toothpaste with you. Your floss, too, when you travel. So, why would we be telling you to tote your dental hygiene products along on your Thanksgiving trip? Well, because patients often forget and find themselves in a post-turkey shock, while many stores are closed, and they’re stuck without a way to brush and floss! You know what else you might need? Your partial or denture. Your bruxism treatment, too. Anything that you rely on for your oral health should be written down on a travel list. Check it off as you pack!

Tip #2: Try Not To Get Swept Away By Holiday Time

Yep, the holidays are pretty fun. Seeing people you haven’t spent time with in a long time is wonderful. Staying up later than usual can be lovely! However, we remind you that while everything may feel magical and special during your Thanksgiving, there’s no fairy dust that will magically protect your smile. Did we mention you still need to brush and floss as usual to avoid problems? You really do.

Tip #3: Try To Avoid Obvious Hazards

One of the most exciting aspects of a full Thanksgiving meal is that it often comes with lots of pre-dinner finger foods, an amazing assortment of dishes during the meal, and then lots of autumn-worthy desserts. Do your best to keep the usual hazards in mind and to avoid them! For instance, try to avoid cracking nuts with your teeth (ask for an accessory like a nutcracker to help), don’t give in to snacking on sweets all day long without rinsing and/or brushing your smile. You get the idea! A little bit of effort is essential for your oral health.

Get Your Holiday Advice For Your Smile From Our Team

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