As you prepare to gather around a table to dig into whatever delightful meal you pull together in honor of Thanksgiving, there’s one very important detail on our Silver City, NM team’s minds: Are you sure you’re going to remember to include your smile care in this holiday and those that follow? Just to be on the safe side, we thought you might want to enjoy a quick review of the basics that make the essence of your oral health protection. The result? You can have a truly wonderful close to this year, while you don’t accidentally leave your dental hygiene in the dust!

Don’t Let Special Days Deter You

Yes, it may be Thanksgiving. Down the line it will be New Year’s Eve. Then Valentine’s Day. There are far too many special moments in one lifetime to be able to skip your smile care when they arrive. If you were to do that, you’d surely end up needing fillings, crowns, and more! Instead, we remind you to take this to heart: Don’t let special days deter you from sticking as closely to your usual habits as possible. You should definitely still brush and floss as we suggest. You should also remember ahead of time, when possible, to schedule around holidays for your checkups and cleanings. That way, you’re always doing the best that you can to keep your smile safe.

Remember That Holiday Foods Can Present Challenges

It’s not like you’ve never eaten turkey before. Or pumpkin pie. Or assorted nuts. However, when you’re celebrating, you’re taking a vacation from work, and your whole goal is simply to enjoy yourself, it can be very easy for smile care to suddenly fall off of your list of priorities. Don’t let this happen. Instead, remember that when you take a moment to objectively look at the special day before you, it’s easy to make plans to keep your oral health safe. Our team encourages you to remember to eat foods that are safe for your teeth. Remember to rinse and brush if you’re serious about your desserts. Don’t overlook how much floss can help when turkey is stuck between teeth. You’ll be happy you did some quick planning!

Protect Your Smile With Easy Reminders

Feeling like you’re off track just a bit and you’re ready to get back to excellent smile care? Come on in! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.