Month: December 2018

Why A Family Dentist Might Be Right For You

Have you heard the term “family dentist” and wondered if that applies to you? Families take many different forms, or maybe you are a single person or part of a couple. Would you still be welcome? Of course! If you are looking for dental care in Silver Springs, NM, the overall care and knowledge provided… Read more »

Reasons You’re Brushing Far Too Hard (And How Not To)

You may already know that when you’re brushing too hard, you’re doing a disservice to your oral health. Overly aggressive brushing is an issue that can cause multiple problems for your smile, including the breakdown of your tooth’s outer, protective layer that we know as enamel, in addition to receding gums. The bigger problem here,… Read more »

A Very Healthy Smile: The Preparatory Steps You Need!

When what you want is a very healthy smile, which is usually what all of our Silver City, NM patients want, there’s not really any uncertainty about what you need to do. That is, there’s no wiggle room regarding the particulars. There very well may be some uncertainty on your side of things if you… Read more »

How To Achieve Your Whiter Smile In 2019

You may be wondering how to end up with the beautiful and sparkling white smile you’ve wanted so long. You may have also decided that a very sound and achievable goal is to figure out how to make this happen once the new year arrives. We couldn’t agree more! However, we know that you may… Read more »