You may already know that when you’re brushing too hard, you’re doing a disservice to your oral health. Overly aggressive brushing is an issue that can cause multiple problems for your smile, including the breakdown of your tooth’s outer, protective layer that we know as enamel, in addition to receding gums. The bigger problem here, though, is that you may not really know why you’re brushing so hard (and you may not realize you’re doing it). By considering some reasons our Silver City, NM practice would like to share with you (and how to brush with a gentler touch), you can get right back to much more beneficial dental hygiene!

You’re In A Big Rush

One thing that can lead you down a road toward oral health problems like decay, a need for fillings, weakened teeth, and more is rushing through your dental hygiene. It might cause you to brush more forcefully because you’re trying to compensate for finishing up so quickly. Unfortunately, this may also cause you to miss a lot of plaque. The end result, of course, is that you’re harming your smile and leaving it open to harm! So, consider our suggestion: Stop rushing. Commit yourself to setting aside the full two minutes you need each morning and the two minutes you need each night for thorough care.

You Think You’re Fixing Your Oral Health

Are you under the impression that if you’d just brush harder and with more intensity that you can probably fix issues that really need restorative care? Unfortunately, whether you’re experiencing gum disease, decay, breakage, or anything else, you are not going to be able to reverse the issue without our team’s expert help (even if you brush extra hard). It’s not about cleaning your smile better because you cannot scrub away damage. However, if you’re scrubbing hard, you will certainly make matters worse. Be gentle during dental hygiene always. If you think you need a fix, call us for a dental visit.

It’s Your Products

You may not be brushing hard on your own but your products may be too harsh. A brush with hard bristles might be the issue (you should only use soft). Or, abrasive products like scratchy toothpaste can be the culprit. Simply be mindful when you select dental hygiene products.

Discover Dental Hygiene Improvements With Us

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