Month: January 2019

Smile Care: Getting Your Second Wind In 2019

Yes, as a brand new year begins, you may find yourself riding on the lovely momentum that comes from a ton of motivation, excitement, an inspiration in anticipation of a new chapter! However, by the time January is nearly through, it’s very possible that the bubble has burst and you aren’t exactly going full-steam ahead… Read more »

Teeth Whitening: Answers, Benefits, Concerns

Teeth whitening is something that crosses most patients’ minds at one time or another. Unless you’re extremely lucky and you just don’t seem to develop any type of discoloration, then you may wonder about whitening and whether it could work for you, what the results with be like, and more. Since it’s a simple, popular, and… Read more »

Very Good Reasons To Set Up Your Next Cleaning (Soon)

If you were to ask us why it’s a good idea to call us up soon to schedule your next dental cleaning, we could go on and on (and on) about the amazing benefits of cleanings. However, when it comes to giving yourself the motivation you need to pick that phone up to let us… Read more »

3 Modern Things You’re Not Doing Due To Yellowing

Are there some of-the-moment things that you’d really love to participate in but … you just can’t bring yourself to do it? When we’re talking about today’s obsession with taking photos and documenting just about every moment (as well as improving our ability to communicate one another), it often means your smile is going to… Read more »

After Tooth Extraction, What Comes Next?

Learning that you have to have a tooth extracted might not be a huge surprise, especially if the tooth has given you trouble for quite some time. However, simply extracting the tooth may not be all that you need to fully restore your smile. At our Silver City, NM, dental office, we not only extract… Read more »