Are there some of-the-moment things that you’d really love to participate in but … you just can’t bring yourself to do it? When we’re talking about today’s obsession with taking photos and documenting just about every moment (as well as improving our ability to communicate one another), it often means your smile is going to be front and center. If you’re not comfortable with your smile due to discoloration, then you may find that you’re not joining in the fun as a result. What to do? Well, our Silver City, NM team suggests you fix the issue with ease by seeing us for teeth whitening! Not sure exactly what we’re talking about but you’re definitely hiding your grin? Find out more.

#1: You Won’t Post Selfies

Do you want to post selfies, send them to friends or loved ones, etc., but every time you take one, rather than sending it, you delete it? Is this because the moment you see the image, all you can really focus on is your smile that is absolutely not white and vibrant? You can easily change this by seeking cosmetic improvement with us through treatments like veneers or whitening!

#2: You Won’t Use Face-To-Face Video Apps

Would you love to use FaceTime or Snapchat but you are so embarrassed by the current state of your discolored smile that you just cannot bear to do it? This can get in the way of some really lovely and very convenient communication! As mentioned, we are here to help with cosmetic treatments from whitening to bonding or veneers. Come on in to learn more.

#3: You Are Trying To Stay Out Of Photos

Maybe you shrug your shoulders and think to yourself that it’s true your smile is yellowed and you’d love cosmetic dental care but you’re not so worried about those “modern” things because they’re not really of any interest to you. Let’s take it down a notch, then! Instead, let’s focus on something that’s simply part of our modern age: Being in photos! Maybe it’s a family gathering, a party, time with a friend, etc. It might even be taken with a camera (maybe even one with actual film in it). Unfortunately, if you’re embarrassed about smile discoloration, you may opt out of these otherwise special moments. Come in for care, so you can feel good about being included in snapshots again!

See Our Team For Help With Your Discolored Smile

When you realize it’s time to get your smile looking much better after discoloration has taken its toll, remember that we are here for you with cosmetic dental care to remove yellowing and to return your smile’s vibrancy. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.