Yes, as a brand new year begins, you may find yourself riding on the lovely momentum that comes from a ton of motivation, excitement, an inspiration in anticipation of a new chapter! However, by the time January is nearly through, it’s very possible that the bubble has burst and you aren’t exactly going full-steam ahead with those resolutions of yours! If you had some smile care related details on your 2019 list of goals that have begun to feel not so reachable, our Silver City, NM team is happy to help you get right back on track with a second wind that promises a wonderful year for your grin!

Set A New, More Realistic Goal

First things first, we have to ask: What types of goals did you set for yourself for 2019? If your resolutions were the stuff that fantastical dreams are made of but not very easy to accomplish, then this may have something to do with what you’re currently experiencing. Instead, we encourage you to refocus by setting some brand new, more realistic goals for yourself. Of course, there is always time for everything you need and want but why not take it step by step? Setting goals for following through on checkups and cleanings (and then coming in for any require restorative care) is a good start and very doable.

Give Yourself A Serious Incentive

Another way to give yourself a second wind as you re-motivate yourself to get stuff done in 2019? Set your goals up by offering yourself a very exciting incentive. For instance, you may not respond well to simply setting a goal of “complete your required preventive and restorative smile care by the end of the year.” However, if you add a reward to the end of that goal, then you may feel more motivated. Hint: Make your incentive something that you wouldn’t do for yourself just any old time but something you can definitely make happen!

Plan Essential Care (To Make Way For Elective Care)

Now, along the same lines of thinking as giving yourself an incentive, you may want to re-inspire yourself for 2019 by taking care of the smile care you need, so you may then receive the treatments you really want. An easy example? Get those cavities filled, so your oral health is in good shape again and you will then qualify to receive the teeth whitening you’ve been dreaming about!

Provide Yourself With Helpful Smile Goals

Make the best use of your time when it comes to protecting your smile by seeing us for checkups and cleanings and by speaking with us about ways to improve the care you give your oral health. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.