Month: February 2019

DIY Dental Care: Avoid It Completely!

Aside from dental hygiene, of course, and making good choices for your oral health when you’re out in the world, away from our Silver City, NM dental practice, we remind you: It’s pretty much never a wise choice to take dental care into your own hands. Yes, you may see a lot of options out… Read more »

Stains You’re Not Sure How To Treat

If you have conversations with us about teeth staining, then you hear quite frequently that just about anyone can end up experiencing it because your smile is in constant use! Like anything else, some amount of wear and tear is to be expected. While patients generally feel comfortable seeking our cosmetic care assistance for this… Read more »

Reminders: Why Skipping Flossing Is So Dangerous!

Guess what? Skipping the flossing part of your dental hygiene isn’t just something that you feel guilty about because you realize you should be doing it and then leave it at that. Instead, it’s something that can have an actual, serious effect on the health of your smile. Did you know that even if you’re doing… Read more »

Dental Care: For Today, Every Year, And More

We like to review your dental care with you to help you put things into easy to digest categories. The easier it is to create structure associated with your smile, the easier it can be to keep up with the different areas of care that you need (and that you might want). While different personalities… Read more »