Guess what? Skipping the flossing part of your dental hygiene isn’t just something that you feel guilty about because you realize you should be doing it and then leave it at that. Instead, it’s something that can have an actual, serious effect on the health of your smile. Did you know that even if you’re doing an exceptional job with brushing and you’re seeing us for visits, when you leave dental floss out of the mix, you’re headed for oral illnesses and damage? Allow our Silver City, NM team’s reminders to speak for themselves.

You Miss Lots Of Plaque And Debris

We remind you during your visits with us to brush and to floss, too, during dental hygiene so that you keep your smile as clean as you can between visits. Did you know that when you come to us without flossing, we can see that you have a significant build up of plaque and tartar? If you floss, you remove most of the plaque and debris on teeth and between teeth, which stops tartar from developing in great amounts (tartar is hardened plaque, which forms when you leave it on teeth for 24 hours or more). Keep up with flossing, so you avoid oral health problems!

You Can End Up With Between-Your-Teeth Decay

When you just decide that you’re not going to floss at all or that you will only occasionally follow through on this essential part of dental hygiene, you’ll end up with tartar, as mentioned. You’ll have plaque and tartar that remains in contact with dental tissue for extended periods. Unfortunately, this means that you’re promoting the development of tooth decay. Though you may have assumed this cannot happen between teeth, it can! It can affect any part of your dental tissue. So, floss!

You’re Encouraging Gum Disease

Just like with tooth decay, your choice to avoid flossing as part of dental hygiene will also encourage problems with your gum health. Extended exposure to plaque, debris, etc., will cause gums to become irritated. Then, they will become inflamed, they will pull away from your teeth, and infection may occur! Don’t let this happen to you. Just floss daily!

You Will Probably Develop Bad Breath

As you may have imagined, all of that piling up of bacteria-rich plaque, tartar, decomposing organic matter, etc., isn’t going to smell very good. This leads to a mouth that smells yucky, which translates to bad breath. Brush and floss for a fresh-smelling mouth! (For additional help, come in!).

Seek Dental Hygiene Advice With Us

When you aren’t sure about how to promote your absolute best hygiene or you are uncertain about certain aspects of home care, remember that checking in with us during a visit is always your smartest idea! To learn more schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.