If you have conversations with us about teeth staining, then you hear quite frequently that just about anyone can end up experiencing it because your smile is in constant use! Like anything else, some amount of wear and tear is to be expected. While patients generally feel comfortable seeking our cosmetic care assistance for this type of discoloration, there are other stain causes that can result in some hesitation. Whether you worry we cannot help, you feel embarrassed, or any other obstacle is keeping you from coming in to our Silver City, NM practice, we remind you: We aren’t here to judge you! Only to help, so call us ASAP!

Cigarette Stains

You may feel upset about your stained teeth because after years of smoking, the habit has lead to yellowing. We know that you may worry there is no way to address this concern but there is good news: As long as your smile is healthy (which we can help you with if you require restorative care), you are a candidate for teeth whitening. This cosmetic treatment offers all over removal of stains, so you can lift the discoloration as you say hello to a newly revealed, dazzling grin. Learn more about whitening and other treatments by calling us to schedule a visit!

Discoloration From Antibiotic Use

Unfortunately, the side effects of certain antibiotics can include stained teeth, often with a bluish cast. Teeth whitening may not provide you with the cosmetic care solution you want but not to worry: This is where porcelain veneers save the day! We can camouflage this intrinsic discoloration, so you get your white smile back.

Grey Tooth With Metal Filling

You may think of your tooth as discolored but what you aren’t realizing if you have a metal filling is that it’s not your dental tissue! Instead, what’s happening here is that your tooth tissue (like everyone’s tissue) is not opaque but translucent. This means that you can see through it just a little bit, though it is not completely clear. So, when a dark metal filling was placed within that tooth, it gave your tooth a grey, darkened cast. Good news: You don’t have to treat your dental tissue or feel guilty for staining. Instead, you simply need to speak with us about replacing that metal filling with a beautiful tooth-colored filling, so your tooth will look natural and healthy again (remember: we will match the color of the filling material we use to your dental tissue!).

Treat Unique Discoloration With Our Care

Come on in to talk with us about your concerns in regard to discoloration and keep in mind that we offer a full spectrum of dental care services to suit your needs. Whether you need a white filling or cosmetic care, see us! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.