Month: March 2019

Tooth Decay: Proactive Tips For Prevention

You don’t necessarily always feel like doing what it takes to prevent cavities. However, when you realize that tooth decay will cause you to require a dental filling or a crown, that overlooked decay can really damage your tooth and lead to infection, and that keeping decay from forming is actually very simple, well …… Read more »

Bad Breath: 3 Things You Are Missing

It’s not just a little bit embarrassing to deal with bad breath. Instead, it can be an overwhelming problem in your life that causes you to feel that when you speak, you have to cover your mouth with your hand or that you need to try to distance yourself from others. Since this added stress… Read more »

5 Great Things for Little Teeth

Sharing little smiles is an instant mood-lifter. And even though the first set of teeth eventually fall out to make way for permanent teeth, that doesn’t mean they are expendable. Children’s teeth need the same care as adult teeth, to help them stay healthy through snack times, nap times and plenty of silly fun. Brushing… Read more »

Smile Time: 3 Cheers For Springtime Dental Care!

Our Silver City, NM team would like to encourage you to get a little bit excited about how soon we will be enjoying spring. Of course, from our outlook on things, this is not only a lovely time of year for general self-improvement (can you say spring cleaning?) but specifically for your dental care! Consider… Read more »