It’s not just a little bit embarrassing to deal with bad breath. Instead, it can be an overwhelming problem in your life that causes you to feel that when you speak, you have to cover your mouth with your hand or that you need to try to distance yourself from others. Since this added stress is no good for your daily life (and usually points to an underlying issue with your dental care, such as your dental hygiene), it’s time to snap into action. Take some important hints from our Silver City, NM team for improvement.

#1: You’re Missing Complete Dental Hygiene Sessions

One of the reasons you might be dealing with bad breath? You’re missing dental hygiene sessions. This might occur in one of two ways (or both!). Here’s what you need to know:

  • Complete dental hygiene for your day includes two sessions. One session of brushing and flossing and then a second session of just brushing. That means you brush two times a day and floss once. If you’re only making your way through one session a day, then that’s not enough.
  • You might be standing in front of the bathroom sink twice daily, however, you may be practicing incomplete care. This can happen if you brush once and floss once, you brush twice but you avoid flossing, etc. Make sure you complete all necessary portions of care!

#2: You’re Missing A Spot (Or Two…)

We remind patients that in order to maintain healthy smiles that do not require dental treatments beyond the preventive care required of everyone, dental hygiene must be thorough! Didn’t we already cover that, you wonder? Actually, there’s more to it. In addition to making certain that you are both brushing and flossing as directed, you must also be sure you’re brushing thoroughly and flossing thoroughly. Sure, you may be running through the motions. However, if you’re not brushing every tooth surface and cleaning between all of your teeth with floss, you miss plaque and food. The result? Bad breath due to accumulation and smelly breath if problems like decay develop! Take your time and complete the job.

#3: You’re Missing Visits With Us!

When you miss dental checkups and cleanings with us, you promote bad breath. This is because your brushing and flossing are absolutely powerful but they will inevitably leave you with a little bit of tartar and plaque. This can smell bad and can damage your teeth and gums. Remember your visits, so we can complete your preventive care!

Care For Bad Breath With Our Help

Don’t let bad breath get the best of you! Instead of trying to cover up your embarrassment, come in to meet with our team just as soon as possible. We will uncover the cause of your problem and offer a solution! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.