Month: April 2019

Your Checkups: Reviewing The Important Stuff!

You know that a healthy smile is one that is kept safe at home through the use of dental hygiene. You know that a healthy smile is also one that is kept safe at our practice through preventive care in the form of dental checkups and cleanings! With that said, our Silver City, NM team… Read more »

Tooth Loss: Only A Big Deal If You Ignore It

You may feel a little shocked by tooth loss. You’ve had those teeth in place for all of the years of your life and now you are missing one, several, or all of them and you aren’t sure how to feel about things. Is this a very big deal, you wonder? Or, since losing teeth… Read more »

Restorative Care: 3 Things You Should Remind Yourself

Of course, you aren’t necessarily jumping for joy when you are told by our Silver City, NM team that you need restorative care. We certainly think you would be jumping for joy if only you realized just how fantastic these treatments are at saving your smile and keeping you from dealing with oral health trauma… Read more »

Fun Easter Smile Tips For Your Family!

As Easter approaches, you and your family behold the exceptional, pastel-hued beauty and allure of this annual holiday. Everything is light and pretty and, as your memories remind you, there are lots and lots of sweets that show up this time of year. While your kids may not have a care in the world regarding… Read more »