As Easter approaches, you and your family behold the exceptional, pastel-hued beauty and allure of this annual holiday. Everything is light and pretty and, as your memories remind you, there are lots and lots of sweets that show up this time of year. While your kids may not have a care in the world regarding their sugar intake, you feel the pressure of finding a way for your family to have a lovely experience without making your oral health highly vulnerable to damage. So, take our Silver City, NM team’s fun Easter tips on board for an easy approach!

Tip: Reach For The Protein-Filled Foods

One of the things we remind our patients of is the fact that protein is important for one’s oral health, it’s lacking the carbohydrates that feed bacteria (which then leads to problems like tooth decay), and that means it’s always a wonderful choice during meals and snacks! Fortunately, Easter is a holiday that happens to include spreads full of protein-rich options. So, remember to pile your plate high with eggs (deviled eggs, anyone?), quiche, breakfast casserole, ham, salmon, and whatever else your heart desires!

Tip: Go With Bunny-Inspired Snacks

Did you know that you and your family can have fun on Easter, can enjoy themed snacks, and all while doing nothing to damage your oral health? Remember, it’s not only about indulging in candy. Consider the following ideas:

  • Load up on carrots just like the Easter Bunny eats! Start by arranging them in fun designs on your serving plate.
  • Cut cheese into cute shapes like bunnies or chicks. Or, use different colored cheeses to create Easter egg designs! Then, gobble them up!
  • Grab some sugarless, chiclet style, white gum, call them “bunny teeth” and chew away for a sweet, safe treat!

Tip: Stick With The Classic … Chocolates!

This is one very simple tip but it’s a good one: Choose soft milk chocolate if you’re going to eat candy. Of the many Easter options, it’s the easiest on your teeth and washes away the most quickly.

Tip: Watch Your Favorite Easter Movie!

Of course, Easter isn’t all about the food only, though it’s certainly a nice perk. Remember that just hanging out and spending time with your family is 100 percent safe for your oral health. So, consider coming up with a crafty project to work on with your kids, pull out a beloved board game, or find an Easter movie that everyone loves and watch it together! Get creative and you’re sure to enjoy your time.

Enjoy Holidays With Healthy Smiles

Don’t forget that it is absolutely possible for your family to enjoy holidays, such as Easter, without leading your smiles down a dangerous path! Learn even more from our friendly team during your twice-annual checkups! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.