Of course, you aren’t necessarily jumping for joy when you are told by our Silver City, NM team that you need restorative care. We certainly think you would be jumping for joy if only you realized just how fantastic these treatments are at saving your smile and keeping you from dealing with oral health trauma and disappointment, however. So, with that said, we would like to help you better connect the dots in regard to just how beneficial restorative dentistry can be and the way you should begin embracing (rather than detesting) it!

#1: You Actually Do Need It

It’s important to remind yourself along the way, as you learn that you require restorative dental care, that you really do need it. Of course, we can empathize with patients who try their best to look at their smile concerns through multiple perspectives, who look up reasons online that they might not actually require it, etc. It’s natural to second-guess things, to want to know more, and hope that if there’s an option in which you may or may not require dental care, maybe you don’t need it. The truth is, though, we suggest this type of care because you have damage that cannot be healed or fixed through any other means. What we want for you is to enjoy a healthy smile, so a filling, crown, root canal, or tooth replacement is needed for you to get there.

#2: You Need It Soon, Not Later

Another important factor that will help you become better about scheduling restorative care the moment you realize it’s essential? Reminding yourself that the first treatment we suggest will usually be the easiest, the least expensive, the least complex, and will help you save your tooth. When you wait, the longer you let an oral health issue go, the further it will worsen. This results in possible side effects, additional concerns (like when decay turns to infection, which can then abscess, etc.), and further symptoms (worsening pain), and even the loss of additional tissue. When you treat something immediately, you minimize the full potential of the severity and damage associated with it!

#3: It Gives You So Many Things!

Remember: Restorative care gives you a healthy smile back, it offers a comfortable way for this to occur, it makes your smile look better, work better, and it even sets the stage for more effective preventive care!

See Our Team For Your Restorative Needs

When your smile is not in its best condition and you need to regain your oral health, remember to visit us for a dental checkup and to then follow through on any restorative care you may require from us! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.