You know that a healthy smile is one that is kept safe at home through the use of dental hygiene. You know that a healthy smile is also one that is kept safe at our practice through preventive care in the form of dental checkups and cleanings! With that said, our Silver City, NM team would love to review some of the important stuff we’d like you to keep in mind in regard to those checkups, so you’re always motivated to schedule them and to come on in!

You Cannot Perform Your Own

We encourage you to remember that though you may think a dental checkup is just a quick glance through your mouth, this is not the case at all. Instead, it’s a very thorough examination, which means it’s something you absolutely cannot accomplish on your own. Can you look at your smile every day and let us know if you need and additional visit if you notice a change? Of course! However, as far as your checkups with our team are concerned, they simply must happen with us!

We Need To See You Twice A Year

Unless you’re quite interested in ending up requiring restorative care, we suggest you stick with our guidelines in terms of preventive care! Remember that you only need to see us twice a year for dental checkups, which works out to every six months. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that since you only need two, perhaps one will suffice. It won’t! Adhere to the twice-every-year rule and you can look forward to success in the form of a healthy grin.

We’re Monitoring Your Complete Oral Health

Nope, we’re not just looking for cavities (though, they certainly are on our list of things to check for during your dental checkup)! We are providing you with a complete and exhaustive examination that includes any potential change or problem, so we may fix it! This might include signs of bruxism, dry mouth, infection, oral cancer, issues with your dental hygiene, and more. Remember: Finding changes early on means early treatment.

They’re A Good Time To Ask Questions

Between visits, you may find that you come up with dental questions that you’d like answered. You know better than to try to find answers online because they may not be reliable. Remember that when you see us for dental checkups, this is a wonderful time to bring up those questions! We’re full of information!

Keep Up With Professional Checkups

Remember to set up your professional dental checkups with us every six months, so you’re on top of things! When you see us for prevention and you’re on track with home prevention, you’re giving your smile serious protection. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.