Month: May 2019

5 Things To Remember: About Teeth Whitening!

Have you been thinking about saying “see you later” to your discolored smile, as you welcome in a newly brightened smile? Are you aware that we offer teeth whitening and that it might be right for you but as for the details that surround whitening and your expectations, you feel like you’re probably falling very… Read more »

3 Things To Put Into Motion For Your Kids This Summer

Summer is really on its way, believe it or not! While this can mean so many exciting things, one thing is for sure: If you have kids, then this means school will be out and you’ll have a ton of wide-open room to get things done without worrying about homework, class time, extracurricular activities, and… Read more »

Dental Care: Throw It Out? Or Not?

You might not feel like you know exactly what to do about certain dental care products as you scan the collection you’ve gathered in your bathroom. For instance, you really love your most recent toothbrush and you ask yourself whether you should just keep it until it’s technically falling apart. You may wonder about the… Read more »

Smile Stains: When You’re “Clearly” Mistaken!

There are some things you may be assuming about protecting your smile from stains that you could be getting wrong! Unfortunately, you might think that just because certain drinks are quite light or clear that they cannot possibly be contributing to the development of discoloration. The truth is, sometimes, they are culprits! So, how can… Read more »

Important Reminders About Caring For Your Tongue!

You may spend some serious time and effort keeping your smile safe by caring for your teeth and caring for your gums. However, when it comes to your tongue, this part of your oral health may be something you tend to overlook or forget about. Does it require a whole lot of attention? Nope! This… Read more »