There are some things you may be assuming about protecting your smile from stains that you could be getting wrong! Unfortunately, you might think that just because certain drinks are quite light or clear that they cannot possibly be contributing to the development of discoloration. The truth is, sometimes, they are culprits! So, how can you gain the clarity you need in terms of keeping your smile bright and white, so you don’t deal with unwanted smile staining? Our Silver City, NM team can help!

Clear Sodas!

Surprise! You might have thought that since you were skipping the cola, avoiding the grape soda, and saying no thanks to the orange pop that you’re in good shape, the truth is, clear soda can be damaging, too! Will it cause you to end up with a purple smile? Not exactly. However, something we need patients to remember is that anything that’s acidic will contribute to the developing of smile staining because it will start to soften and damage your enamel. Weak enamel is more prone to staining. So, the more clear soda you drink, the easier it is for other highly pigmented products to leave their mark.

White Wine!

The need for cosmetic care like dental bonding, as a result of smile staining, is the sort of thing that people who drink red wine need, you assume! Certainly if you stick solely to white wine, you won’t have a problem at all, right? The truth is, this isn’t exactly correct. While it’s accurate that if you consume red wine frequently, the pigments will be much more likely to quickly stain teeth, leaving you with discoloration that you may wish to treat. However, just like the aforementioned sodas, all wines are very acidic!

Light-Hued Juice, Sports Drinks, Etc.

You figure that you’re drinking a “white” arctic sports drink or very, very light juice (like white grape juice), so you figure there’s no way you’ll find yourself in need of something like teeth whitening for smile staining, right? Guess again! You have probably begun to catch on by now to the fact that nearly any beverage other than water and milk is going to be acidic and, therefore, it’s going to cause smile staining. Remember that juice is among the most acidic, so sip wisely!

Protect Your Smile From Unwanted Stains

Remember to set up time for your dental checkups twice a year, during which time we can answer any and all oral health and smile protection questions you have! Think you need whitening? Just let us know! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.