You might not feel like you know exactly what to do about certain dental care products as you scan the collection you’ve gathered in your bathroom. For instance, you really love your most recent toothbrush and you ask yourself whether you should just keep it until it’s technically falling apart. You may wonder about the five different toothpastes you’ve amassed, asking yourself whether you should keep them all or if you should just pare it down to one. Fortunately, our Silver City, NM team can easily answer such questions and guide you as you polish up the items you keep within reach for your smile care.

Is The Product Expired?

When you are curious whether the product you’re using for your dental hygiene is something that you should keep, remember that the goal of your dental care at home is to keep your teeth clean and safe. You want to arrive at our practice for checkups and cleanings with a smile that’s free of problems like cavities, if you can do so! With that in mind, one of the things you want to remember is that expired products are not as effective as those that are not yet expired. So, take a look at the expiration date of every last item in your dental collection! This includes toothpaste, mouth wash, and more. If it’s too old, toss it. If you’re not sure, you may want to toss it and start fresh. Then, remember to find a way to track the dates as you open items, so you can keep track of their use!

Do You Enjoy Using It?

We frequently remind patients that if they don’t enjoy using their dental hygiene products, then they might not really use them as often as they should. If they don’t follow through on suggested dental care, they’re probably going to end up with avoidable issues that will require restorative dental care. So, remember this fact! It may seem simple and unimportant but in reality, one of the things to look out for is holding onto products you really dislike and that may deter you from following through on your essential brushing and flossing!

Is Your Toothbrush Older Than Four Months?

It’s simple: If your toothbrush is older than three or four months, throw it out. Begin again with a new one! Always follow this rule!

Get The Scoop On Dental Care Products!

When you have questions about the dental hygiene items you have in your bathroom, which ones to keep, and how to figure out what to get rid of, we are a very helpful resource! Ask questions during your visits. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.