Have you been thinking about saying “see you later” to your discolored smile, as you welcome in a newly brightened smile? Are you aware that we offer teeth whitening and that it might be right for you but as for the details that surround whitening and your expectations, you feel like you’re probably falling very short of the knowledge you need? This is perfectly okay! If you’re new to cosmetic care, then you might not know what’s what or what you can expect from particular treatment. Work your way through a handful of things to remember specifically about whitening with our Silver City, NM team (as your starting point) and then come see us!

#1: Whitening Is For Extrinsic Staining

We remind you that teeth whitening is for extrinsic staining. This essentially means that if you have stains caused by foods, drinks, wear and tear, etc., that occur within your enamel, then whitening is for you! If you have deep stains caused by medication or trauma, you may need to consider an alternative!

#2: If You Don’t Qualify, There Are Other Options

So, you don’t qualify for traditional teeth whitening? No worries. Dental bonding allows us to camouflage stains. Porcelain veneers camouflage discoloration beautifully, too! Learn more by coming in.

#3: Natural Smiles Aren’t Pure White

Remember that the goal should be to attain a gorgeous, white smile that complements your features. However, remember: Naturally white smiles aren’t pure white! Keep expectations realistic for a wonderful outcome.

#4: Whitening With Us Is The Safe Route

Which cosmetic treatment should you choose, you wonder, when you seem to have so many whitening options available to you? There’s professional treatment at our practice, of course. Then, there’s the stuff you see online. And at the drugstore. And sometimes at the grocery store! It’s never-ending! Remember: If you want safe, effective results, then you should always stick with professional care. Done and done!

#5: You May Whiten At Home Or In Office

Remember that you have all the convenience you need when you’re considering teeth whitening with our team! If you want accelerated in-office care, let us know. If the idea of a slower yet steady and equally impressive approach through home whitening is what you prefer, then just say so. We offer both, so we may meet the preferences of our patients!

Consider Whitening For Your Smile

Tell us when you’re thinking that you are tired of your discolored smile and you’re feeling ready for a change. See our team about teeth whitening and other cosmetic options, so you may move forward toward your goal. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.