Month: June 2019

Veneers: Are They An Amazing Choice For Your Grin?

One of the things you know without a doubt about porcelain veneers is that they are amazing for many individuals because they offer so many improvements! However, one of the things (the very important things, no less) that you may not feel so certain about: Whether veneers are an amazing choice for you! Of course,… Read more »

Don’t Drag Your Feet On That Important Filling!

You may ask yourself what makes one dental filling more important than another. You may wonder, is it okay if you drag your feet when it’s just a small cavity, though you’re convinced you need to rush to our practice if your cavity is quite serious? In short, it all boils down to this: No… Read more »

Do You Want A Prettier Smile? Start This Summer!

When is the best time to rely on cosmetic dentistry in order to achieve a smile that actually makes you, well, smile? The truth is, any time of year is a wonderful time to get started with the changes that will make you feel very happy with your grin’s appearance. However, as we’re inching our… Read more »

I’ve Been Diagnosed with Bruxism. Now What?

Bruxism isn’t a word you just happen across, but you may hear it if you have been dealing with a sore jaw, morning headaches, aching teeth and perhaps weakened or cracked tooth structures in Silver City, NM. Many people with bruxism do not even know they have it. It generally occurs at night, when the… Read more »