Bruxism isn’t a word you just happen across, but you may hear it if you have been dealing with a sore jaw, morning headaches, aching teeth and perhaps weakened or cracked tooth structures in Silver City, NM. Many people with bruxism do not even know they have it. It generally occurs at night, when the jaws should be resting comfortably, but instead they grind the teeth against one another, often in response to bite imbalances and other jaw pressures.

Step One: Take A Deep Breath

Bruxism is not a life threatening condition, although it can be uncomfortable and lead to long-term issues with your teeth and jaw. Stress and tension brought on by dwelling on bruxism during the day will not help the issue. Mindful breathing can help put the problem in perspective, as you consult a bruxism expert for solutions, before the intense grinding pressures require restorative procedures to remedy cracked teeth.

Step Two: Explore Options

For stress-induced teeth grinding, the problem may be alleviated by restructuring a stressful situation, or learning some mindfulness or meditation techniques to help restore a balance in your daily routine. For bruxism brought about by jaw imbalances, your dentist can prepare a custom-fitted dental appliance to wear at night. The appliance will guide and hold the jaws in a supported position to reduce grinding action, while at the same time cushioning the teeth where they might touch.

Step Three: Let Us Know How It Is Going

Once you have your night time appliance, we want to know if you are finding relief. Many times patients report an almost immediate reduction in symptoms, and a cessation to headaches and jaw aches. We will schedule follow up exams to assess your dental health, and monitor your progress. Between scheduled appointments, you can call our helpful and experienced dental team at any time.

A Bruxism Diagnosis Opens The Door To Finding Relief

Bruxism can sound scary, but we are experienced in dealing with this severe form of teeth grinding. Don’t wait to call our office, so we can talk with you about solutions. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.