You may ask yourself what makes one dental filling more important than another. You may wonder, is it okay if you drag your feet when it’s just a small cavity, though you’re convinced you need to rush to our practice if your cavity is quite serious? In short, it all boils down to this: No matter what, every filling is equally significant! No matter what, you should schedule your restorative care ASAP, whether the issue seems small or very big. As for those reasons you should choose to address decay right away? Our Silver City, NM team is happy to explain.

Waiting Leaves Room For Growing Concerns

Remember that every dental filling is extremely important because when you choose to procrastinate and put the restorative care off, you leave time for the problem to become worse. Don’t overlook the fact that tooth decay is a progressive hygiene-related disease. This means that the decaying tissue will decay further. Bacteria will enter your tooth, giving the opportunity (if the cavity becomes deep enough), which may yield infection. A growing cavity makes a damaged tooth more and more likely to break. The further the problem grows, the greater the chance that you will no longer be able to solve your concern with a filling but will instead require a crown, a root canal, or some other form of treatment.

Fillings Are The Most Budget-Friendly Of Restorations

As mentioned, you may end up requiring a more intensive form of restorative care when you drag your feet on setting up a recommended dental filling for your smile. We encourage you to keep in mind that of the treatments, fillings are always the most efficient and budget-friendly.

A Filling Is The Most Conservative Option, So…

Remember that what you want is to need a dental filling. What you don’t want as much? To wait too long and end up requiring a root canal treatment or a dental crown or both. The main reason is that when you receive a filling to address your tooth decay, you get to restore your tooth itself and you get to preserve that tooth. You don’t have to remove its pulp (which happens with a root canal) or cover it up completely (which happens with a crown). The more tissue you can save, the longer you can enjoy the use of that tooth, as you prolong the life of that tooth!

Set Up Fillings Right Away When Needed

Schedule the dental filling you need as soon as you learn that you are in need of treatment for tooth decay! Act with urgency, so you are doing your absolute best to protect and preserve your tooth and oral health! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.