Month: July 2019

Your Dental Hygiene Collection: What You (Should) Have 

There are those things you already know you should have in your dental hygiene collection. Since you’re aware of them and since you’re probably taking pretty good care of your smile, you probably already have them! With that said, you might not have the better of the options available to you (so our Silver City,… Read more »

The Main Reasons We Suggest: Dental Crowns! 

You may find that, though you are somewhat informed in terms of what a dental crown is (a hollow-bodied prosthetic tooth made to look just like your natural tooth and offer full coverage), you may not really know why you may end up requiring one. What types of changes may come up with your smile,… Read more »

Smile Care: Out Of Sight Out Of Mind! 

For some, the single biggest challenge with smile care is simply forgetting about it. You may think to yourself, “I really do care, I don’t know why I cannot remember to take care of my smile!” which, of course, makes you feel bad but doesn’t help the situation. So, what to do, you wonder? If… Read more »

Why You Should Always Schedule A Visit For Your Toothache 

You may have a toothache and immediately start considering all sorts of options in terms of what to do next. You might think to yourself that what you should do is just try to act like it’s okay and see what happens over the course of the next few days. You might immediately take medicine… Read more »

Replacing Teeth Is A Wonderful Experience (For These Reasons)

We remind patients that when they are dealing with tooth loss, it can take quite a serious toll on their lives! However, since you may quickly adjust to the changes, you may stop taking notice of just how many ways your missing tooth or teeth negatively impact your day-to-day life, as well as your future!… Read more »