You may have a toothache and immediately start considering all sorts of options in terms of what to do next. You might think to yourself that what you should do is just try to act like it’s okay and see what happens over the course of the next few days. You might immediately take medicine and tell yourself that if it really starts to hurt, you’ll call our Silver City, NM team. You might start scouring the internet for answers. Or, it’s also possible you’ll do what we always suggest: Call us to schedule a dental visit! Consider why seeing us for this concern is most definitely the right choice (though, of course, you can take a pain reliever in the meantime!).

Waiting Can Lead To Big Problems

Did you know that minor pain can be a sign of something as severe as an infected tooth? Did you know that a serious toothache can prove to be connected with a cavity? We remind you that when pain of any severity strikes, it can mean something going on in your mouth requires immediate restorative care. Unfortunately, you may assume that since it’s a minor toothache, you can probably wait. Or, you might guess that it’s probably tooth decay and that you have some time. However, neither of these assumptions is true! Instead, any problem requires immediate care because all types of damage leave your tooth vulnerable to serious infection, abscess, breakage, and loss. However, when you schedule a dental visit and let us address the issue ASAP, these risks go away!

Your Self-Diagnosis May Be Way Off

Even though you might have spent a lot of time researching your toothache and trying to identify the source of the problem, we remind you that you can make some very logical connections but you can still get it wrong. Since the health of your tooth and your entire smile is at stake, we encourage you to remember that setting up a dental visit for an accurate diagnosis and any required treatment is always to your benefit. Remember, you could think that you have a cavity but it turns out you have a sore tooth from bruxism that simply requires preventive care. See us for answers instead of making any assumptions!

Pain Relievers Are Only Masking Discomfort

Yes, pain relievers may dull your toothache but don’t forget that the cause of your pain is still there. Call us for any and all discomfort (even if you’re masking it), so we can help.

Schedule A Visit For Your Uncomfortable Tooth

Don’t leave your toothache unaddressed because you’re waiting to see what happens or you don’t realize you should see us. Contact us immediately for an uncomfortable tooth to schedule a dental visit. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.