For some, the single biggest challenge with smile care is simply forgetting about it. You may think to yourself, “I really do care, I don’t know why I cannot remember to take care of my smile!” which, of course, makes you feel bad but doesn’t help the situation. So, what to do, you wonder? If this applies to you, then our Silver City, NM team reminds you: When it’s as simple as “out of sight out of mind,” then it is high time to make sure you’re keeping everything you need for your dental care and oral health in plain sight. We have the suggestions to help!

Keep Dental Hygiene Items Out

Do you get your day started in the morning or get into bed in the evening, sometimes without brushing or flossing? Of course, you use the bathroom but you may manage to enter and exit this space dedicated, in part, to smile care without actually fulfilling your dental hygiene requirements! If so, we remind you that you can easily get on track (and avoid tooth decay, etc.) by keeping what you need in plain sight! Make sure that your toothbrush, your toothpaste, and your dental floss are on the counter instead of in a drawer or medicine cabinet. This is often all that you will require in order to jog your memory and follow through.

Use A Wall Calendar, Not Just A Planner

You might put reminders for yourself in your planner or in an app on your phone. They may be reminders to set up dental checkups and cleanings or other smile care with our team. However, if you don’t remember to look inside of those places for quite a while, then you will not see the reminders! We encourage you to do something that’s always in view. Why not add a desk calendar or wall calendar to your life in a location that you’ll see every day? You’ll remain aware of important details and plans, so you remember to call us to schedule visits.

Keep Nightly Treatment On Your Nightstand

Are you someone who uses a treatment at night? Maybe you have an oral appliance to address your bruxism but you tend to forget about this very important smile care detail before you go to sleep. Keep it in plain sight! Remember to keep in on the counter in your bathroom or on your nightstand, so you are always reminded to place it in your mouth for effective care before you drift off to dreamland!

Make Hygiene Easier With Our Advice

Take our advice into consideration when you notice that there’s a particular area of your dental care that has become challenging! Ask us questions during checkups to discover there’s always a solution. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.