You may find that, though you are somewhat informed in terms of what a dental crown is (a hollow-bodied prosthetic tooth made to look just like your natural tooth and offer full coverage), you may not really know why you may end up requiring one. What types of changes may come up with your smile, you wonder, that may lead us to suggest a crown over other cosmetic or restorative dental care treatment? While there are many different answers to such questions, our Silver City, NM team can very quickly cover the main reasons to get you started!

You Accidentally Damaged Your Tooth

If you accidentally damage your tooth, you may find yourself requiring a dental crown. You might wonder why you don’t need something else, such as a dental filling or bonding. We remind you that crowns are prosthetics that provide complete coverage to an existing tooth. We only suggest them when more conservative methods (such as fillings) will not provide you with the care you need and when a crown is essential to save your tooth. Sometimes, damage is too significant, which means avoiding the removal of that tooth means fixing the structure by essentially replacing it with artificial tissue.

That Cavity Is Too Big For A Filling

In the same line of thinking, remember that though it’s not a random injury, a cavity is the type of damage that can be mild to moderate enough for the replacement of a bit of missing tissue with a dental filling … or it can end up requiring complete coverage of your tooth after removal of the decayed tissue (when too much tissue has been destroyed). Fortunately, you’ll get to have your comfortable, functional tooth back!

Your Tooth Needs Protection!

Your tooth might need long-term protection, which is another reason we will suggest a dental crown. For instance, you may have some serious erosion or other form of weakening that has made your tooth very vulnerable to becoming damaged. Or, you may have received a root canal treatment, which has removed a significant amount of tissue, thereby leaving your tooth susceptible to breakage and further bacterial infection. The placement of a dental crown keeps it safe structurally and prevents bacteria from entering that tooth!

Cosmetic Care Will Not Suffice

Dealing with cosmetic damage that is too serious for the help of even porcelain veneers? No problem. This is where beautiful porcelain crowns save the day!

Find Out How Crowns May Benefit You 

Come in for the restorative care that your smile requires, which may include the placement of a beautiful crown! Take care of such smile needs by simply contacting our practice to set up a dental visit! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.