There are those things you already know you should have in your dental hygiene collection. Since you’re aware of them and since you’re probably taking pretty good care of your smile, you probably already have them! With that said, you might not have the better of the options available to you (so our Silver City, NM team would like to check in just to be sure). Then, of course, there are those other things that you can technically live without but that will make your routine so much more effective! Find out what they are!


Of course, coming in for dental checkups and cleanings is part of your prevention. With that said, there’s also your home care, which includes dental hygiene, so you’ll want to make sure you’re following best practices for best results! First up? Your toothpaste! Make sure you always have some on hand, that it includes fluoride, that it’s not past its expiration, and that you like the flavor! Plus ADA (American Dental Association) approval helps, too!

A Toothbrush

Yep, you need a good toothbrush for your dental hygiene, too! What might you be overlooking that will help you ensure you’re on track? Be sure, first of all, that it has soft bristles. Next, of course, choose something you like (and something approved by the ADA)! Finally, replace it every three to four months for optimal oral health.

A Timer!

You might be brushing every day, twice a day. You might even feel like you’re spending enough time doing so. However, it’s possible that you’re rushing. If you’re rushing, you’re missing plaque. If that’s the case, you may be headed for restorative care, even though you’re trying with your dental hygiene. Good news: We can help! Remember to include a timer (of any kind) in your dental hygiene collection, so you can remain sure you’re brushing for two minutes, each time you brush!

A Toothbrush Cup

Add a toothbrush cup to your bathroom, so you can stand your toothbrush up (bristles up), as it dries thoroughly in the open air. It’s the smartest way to store it.

Dental Floss

Surprise! In addition to brushing your teeth, you’ll also need to floss your smile if you want to feel certain you’re practicing optimal dental hygiene, which helps you avoid a ton of possible issues, including tooth decay! So, do you have floss in your collection? Just remember to choose a texture and flavor you love.

Make Your Hygiene Its Absolute Best

Take some of our tips to heart when it comes to the collection of products you should have on hand for your dental hygiene routine. Spruce up your daily experience by checking in with us for tips and making improvements! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.