The main parts of your preventive dental care include your brushing at home, your flossing at home, and your cleanings and checkups with our Silver City, NM team! While you may feel perfectly steadfast in your dedication to brushing twice every day and even seeing us twice a year, there may be one little part of you that wonders why you have to floss, too! Since this is a pretty common question, we are happy to respond by helping you better understand the many ways that your decision to floss supports your oral health!

#1: Healthy Gums

One of the major things we look for when you come in for your dental checkups and cleanings is the health of your gums and any signs of developing gingivitis. We remind you that the flossing part of your home dental care and preventive care as a whole is extraordinarily important. Without it, you’re putting your gums at high risk of irritation and inflammation that leads to gum disease. Why is this? Well, when you floss, you’re removing all of the accumulation that your toothbrush cannot access. It’s the plaque buildup (which can turn into tartar), the food particle debris, etc., that gathers between your teeth and just under your gumline. When you floss, you remove it. When you don’t, you leave it, and it continues to harden and build, as bacteria have non-stop contact with these soft tissues.

#2: The Rest Of Your Preventive Efforts

Each part of your preventive dental care contributes to the whole that offers your smile complete protection. Flossing means your brushing will prove more effective, which means cleanings will be easy to accomplish. Cleanings will allow you to brush and floss teeth without accumulation. See? Each part is essential, so don’t forget to floss, too!

#3: Strong, Decay-Free Teeth!

Surprise! If you thought that flossing as part of your preventive dental care was only important for your gum health, we are pleased to inform you that it’s also extremely important for the health of your teeth, too! Yes, brushing and dental cleanings offer you the bulk of your protection against tooth decay. However, remember those little spaces between teeth and the dental tissue that sits at your gumline that we mentioned? When bacteria remain in contact with your dental tissue, they promote the development of tooth decay, too. So, keep flossing and you’ll find that you aren’t developing cavities in places you didn’t even know cavities could exist!

Ask Us About How To Achieve Better Flossing

If you are happy to floss your smile but you feel like you need some help with completing your home dental care, then remember to simply ask us for help. Schedule a checkup and cleaning with us soon! To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Silver Smiles in Silver City, NM, today at (575) 534-3699.